Does Having a New Baby Require You to Re-Do Your Estate Plan? 2 Points to Considers

A new baby is an exciting and busy time for a family. But does the little addition require you to redo your whole Estate Plan? Probably not.

There are 2 important things to consider:

  1. Read your will.  Is there an "afterborn clause"? An afterborn clause provides for children after you executed the will and includes them as your descendants. Without this clause, your will could be interpreted to only give to those children you named.
  2. Look at your beneficiary designations. Take this opportunity to look at your life insurance policies and retirement plans. If you named your older children as beneficiaries, then an update is necessary.

If you have significant retirement assets and wish to name as beneficiaries of those assets any trusts under your will for the benefit of your children, consult with a knowledgeable tax advisor or estate attorney who can advise you regarding any required revisions to your will and retirement account beneficiary designations.

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