A Will Written on a Tablet Is Ruled to Be Valid

We are now in a new era. An Ohio judge just ruled that a will written on a Samsung Galaxy tablet computer, because no paper was available, is valid. Law school is filled with hypotheticals of people writing their dying wishes on bar napkins, now that electronic devices may be used it opens up more questions.

It is evident that this issue of electronic wills will be taken up by state legislatures across the country as smartphones and tablets are becoming more omnipresent. One major problem that I see is that there will be no "original" will, an issue I have discussed in a previous post. There will be no true original because as soon as it is created, it is saved in multiple places on a chip or hard drive and may be sent to others without a way of tracing it back. Trying to revoke or authenticate such a will maybe close to impossible. Until this issue is established in the courts and legislature, please stick to the pad and paper.