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As well-intentioned as some wills and trusts may be, there may be a time and place for litigation and contesting of the provisions and assets named in a will. At Sallen Law, our Montgomery County estate planning attorney can help you object wills, file lawsuits, and contest portions of trusts. Our office has an in-depth understanding of the probate courts and processes, and the laws and regulations on state and federal levels.

If you have questions or concerns regarding any area of an estate, do not hesitate to contact our Merion Station office at (215) 809-3900 and schedule a free phone consultation with our team.

When to Obtain an Attorney

There are a few tell-tale signs that can help you determine when it is time to obtain legal representation, including:

  • You are one of the beneficiaries of a will or a direct heir of a deceased individual that wishes to contest a portion of a will
  • There is no will and inheritance is in probate
  • You feel that the will is not legally viable
  • The drafter of the will (the testator) was forced or threatened to amend or draft the will
  • The will was fraudulently created
  • The will was changed or signed without a witness
  • The testator was not of proper mental capacity to draft or change a will

How a Montgomery County Probate Lawyer Can Help

At Sallen Law, our firm can review all documentation involved with your case and determine if there was any wrongdoing, illegal action, or misrepresentation on any part of the will or trust. We can also file all necessary paperwork with the proper probate courts and represent you throughout the litigation.

For more information on how our office can help, call us and schedule a free phone consultation. Our Philadelphia County firm can be reached at (215) 809-3900.


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Clients Take the Lead at Our Firm

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  • “passion for helping her clients.”

    Louis John K.

  • “They are very professional and provide very good value for the services performed.”

    Linda B.

  • “Ms. Sallen holds multiple bar certifications and has published several legal articles. ”

    Krekor M.

  • “ Hardworking, bright, and passionate about what she does. ”

    Steven McKany

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    Robert A. S.

  • “Ms.Sallen blew my socks off after our first meeting.”


  • “I would definitely recommend her.”


  • “strong, talented, honest and caring advocate ”


  • “Rebecca was professional, caring, and thoroughly explained the ins and outs of my options. I would highly recommend her.”


  • “Rebecca Sallen is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and well organized. ”


  • “she took the time to explain all my options and made me feel comfortable.”


  • “Rebecca provided excellent guidance as we navigated the estate planning process.”


  • “She is a highly professional and knowledgeable lawyer.”

    Kassia F.

Sallen Law Proves that Preeminent Estate Planning Counsel

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  • You Get Me, Not a Paralegal.

    Attorney Sallen spends individual time with every client to understand the unique needs of clients and their families.

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    Sallen Law believes in putting clients first. It shows in the manner in which we handle estate planning matters.

  • Inclusive in All Facets

    As a female-run law firm, we are devoted to advocating for diversity and inclusivity in the legal profession.

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    Free case evaluations are offered to residents throughout Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

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