A Quick Refresher on your Business' Internet Presence

From the top-grossing Kim Kardashian Hollywood App, to Instagram fame, and the ubiquitous nature of Facebook, technology has become a fundamental part of everyone’s lives. What that means for you and your business, is that creating and maintaining a web presence is essential to success.

Having a web presence means more than just having a website. Using multiple platforms, and spreading your message and advertising your product across all of them is the simplest way to gain name recognition and new customers.

Of course, you still need to have a website, but make sure it’s clean and easy to navigate. Keep your website updated with new content and is linked to all your other social media outlets. Your website should contain all the basic material about your business and have an easy way for potential customers to contact you and locate your business. Having a regular newsletter is a great way to contact customers and stay relevant to their lives, there are a ton of services you can use to set up a newsletter, and you can have a sign-up on your website!

Once you have a website, the next step is to expand onto social media outlets - Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are the three essentials and can help you reach different sets of potential customers. It is easy to sync all three up, so posting to one will post to all three. From there, you can use these outlets to link back to your website.

Of course, you are going to want to post material regularly, to get people interested, and make liking or following you worthwhile. Original material is generally your best bet, but posting links to articles or videos that are timely and related to your business is another easy way to seem relatable and help improve traffic to your pages.

There are many other online resources you can use to benefit your business, and which ones you use depends on a lot on your ideal market. Have visually appealing products or anything health related? Instagram and Pinterest are a must to reach that demographic. YouTube can be a great choice if you have video materials, or your product could benefit from testimonials and demos. LinkedIn can be a great resource for more professionally oriented audiences. Think about who it is you are trying to target and expand your web presence to the websites your ideal customers frequent.

Last, but not least, you need to make sure to be responsive to your customers online. Have someone check your social media websites and respond to comments- whether they be positive or negative! It is especially important to read your reviews on various websites, which can show up on Facebook and Google+, but can also appear on websites you didn’t publish anything on, such as Yelp. Negative reviews can turn away potential customers before they ever contact you, so make sure to respond effectively to complaints.

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