Unusual Romantic Idea and 30 minute free consultation offer

I am an admitted hopeless romantic. I still cry when I watch an Affair to Remember and have forced my husband into dancing in the kitchen while "they way we were" plays in the background too many times. And now we are at that time of year, Valentines Day, when all of us hopeless romantics swoon and our mates most likely moan. So as an Estate Planner, I thought I would take a different approach to this holiday. I realize drafting a Will doesn't seem as romantic as a box of chocolates, but I disagree. For those who have found their life, long love can imagine the devastation that will come with your passing. Being able to focus on grieving the loss of a partner will be difficult enough without having to worry about the overwhelming aftermath of a messy estate. Your Will can act as an emotional safety net. Indeed, advanced planning is a gift to your loved ones. Your loved ones will appreciate the care you took while you were alive to make their lives a little easier upon your passing. Having a solid estate is, in fact, symbolic of your love for them. In honor of all romantics out there, I am offering a half an hour free consultation to any couple who would like to discuss their estate plan. Call (215) 809-3900.